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Canon CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F Wide Angle 4K Cine Lens – Canon EF Mount

Product Description

Canon CN-E 20MM

The Canon CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F is a super-fast cine-prime lens with optical quality performance beyond 4K. Designed to complement and extend the existing Cinema EOS range of prime lenses, the Canon CN-E 20MM wide-angle delivers stunning 4K quality right across the frame.

The lens delivers exceptional 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels, compared to the 1920x1080 pixel count of Full HD), optical performance.

Compatible with the newly launched EOS C700 FF, as well as the EOS-1D C and other full frame cameras, the Canon CN-E 20MM T1.5 L F enables users to capture premium-quality footage with confidence. The Canon CN-E 20MM T1.5 L F has an image circle that covers full frame 35mm, to expand shooting opportunities.

The built-in rubber ring at the mount connector guarantees a drip-proof structure, durable enough for any production which involves challenging shooting environments. The Canon CN-E 20MM T1.5 L F is consistent with the rest of the Canon EF Cinema lens range, offering Canon fans familiarity with the gear position, front diameter, total length and rotation angle.

New phosphorescent front barrel indicators provide greater visibility in low light conditions, while the focus ring displays numbers on both the left and right side of the lens, to allow the operator to check the distance indicator from either side. Creating just the right amount of resistance when focusing, the CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F has a professional grade, 300° focus rotation angle.

By harmonising the exposure and white balance of natural lighting, the CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F ensures quality footage from every shot. The lens information displayed on the viewfinder, allows users to easily pinpoint footage, streamlining the editing and post production process.

Employing anomalous dispersion glass that's effective in reducing chromatic aberration, plus large-diameter aspherical lenses, the lens achieves high-resolution imaging from the centre of the frame to the outer edges.

The lens offers compatibility with Super 35mm-equivalent cameras, full-frame, APS-C and APS-H cameras.

The lens opens up widespread lens compatibility options for professional filmmakers who wish to embrace Canon’s long-established, and wide-ranging, EF lens mount system that was originally introduced for EOS SLRs in 1987.

An aperture diaphragm with 11 leaves creates gentle, attractive blurring or ‘bokeh’ for cinematographic effects and created deeper, richer depth-of-field.

The lens weighs 1.2kg and offers a sturdy build that’s user-friendly for demanding productions. It features focus and iris markings that are engraved on angled surfaces for improved readability from behind the camera.

Featuring the distinctive ‘resistance’ of cine lenses the lens offers outstanding manual control. The lens offers a focus rotation of approximately 300 degrees and facilitates precise focusing performance.

A rubber ring is used at the mount joint to facilitate protection against water ingress. A highly drip-proof structure is adopted for several areas, preventing water drop entry.

This prime lens can be used with standard manual and electronic movie industry accessories, and other equipment such as matte boxes. Featuring a unified front lens diameter and uniform gear positions, the lens does away with the need to adjust or reposition accessory gear when switching between other lenses in the Canon Cinema Lens series.

The lens communicates to the camera data relating to ambient light, chromatic aberration, and other image correction information.

You may find more information on this product on our YouTube Channel.

  • Outstanding optomechanical performance to support 4K production
  • Supports s35mm and full frame cameras
  • 11-blade iris for natural, pleasing bokeh
  • Superb operability and reliability
  • Excellent communication and integration with EF-mount cameras
  • T1.5 Maximum aperture
  • Excellent image quality
MountEF Mount
Focal Length20mm
Maximum Diameter Ratio (T-Number)T 1.5
Number of Iris Blades11
Camera Communication (EF)Yes
Angle of View
Aspect Ratio 1.5:184.0° × 61.9°
Screen Dimensions 24.6x13.8mm
Aspect Ratio 1.78:163.2° × 38.1°
Screen Dimensions 24.6×13.8mm
Minimum Shooting Distance0.3 m/12”
Shooting Range at Closest Approach
Aspect Ratio 1.5:133.8 × 22.5 cm
Screen Dimensions 36.0×24.0mm
Aspect Ratio 1.78:123.1 × 13.0 cm
Screen Dimensions 24.6×13.8mm
Front DiameterΦ114 mm
Outer DimensionsApprox. 118.4 × 118.4 × 101.5 mm
WeightApprox 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs)
Pitch Circle Diameter
Focus116.8 mm
Iris96.8 mm

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