Dedolight DLED9 Tungsten Lighting Kit


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DLED9-T Focusing LED light head, tungsten
DT9 Power supply for DLED9-D / -T (90V – 267V)
DBD400 Barn door (Series 700)

Product Description

Dedolight DLED9 Tungsten Lighting Kit SYS-DLED9-T
powerful & versatile
Dedolight have combined their award winning optical system with their own colour correct LED technology to come out with yet another beautifully engineered award winning lighting fixture. Certainly the best in class!
• Tungsten Balanced colour correct LED 90w source
• Continuous dimming with no colour shift.
• With remote electronics and 16 mm (5/8") stand fitting
• Passive cooling (No Fan)
Dedolight Patented Aspheric Optics in combination with specially developed LED light sources in daylight and bicolor variations. For use as a documentary light, studio light (see studio versions), for accents and special effects and more…

• Focus angle: 50° - 4°
• Focus intensity: 1:20
• Tungsten Balanced
• Universal Ballast 90v -264vac, 90w
• Max wattage: 90w
• Mounting: To any 16 mm (5/8") stud
• Operating position: Any
• New Dedolight Aspherics² Optics • Drastically improved light output.

1 DLED9-T Light head DLED4.1 Tungsten, mobile version
1 DT9 Power supply
1 DBD400 Standard barn door (eight leaves)

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