Magliner Gemini Mini-DIT Cart

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  • 30″ HD Nose,
  • 8″ Wheel Conv. Kit., 18″ Top Shelf,
  • 19″ Bottom Shelf

Product Description

Magliner Gemini Mini-DIT Cart

Magliner Gemini Mini-DIT Cart

Magliner Backstage Gemini Mini (Modified) with 30" HD Nose, 8" Wheel Conv. Kit., 18" Top Shelf, 18" Bottom Shelf

The Magliner MAG-01 MINI-8X G5 is innovatively designed making it simple, adjustable and easy to use.

The Magliner Mini Hand Truck is ergonomically designed and easy to use and adjust. It is designed specifically with Digital Imaging Technicians in mind.

It is fitted with two carpeted shelves, 8" (200mm) pneumatic wheels and has a capacity of 362kg. It can be folded for easy transportation. All Magliner accessories work with this cart.

Length - 18"

Width - 20"

Height - 36"

Weight - 35kg

Top Shelf - 18"

Bottom Shelf - 19"

Wheels - 8"

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