MTF High Quality Canon FD to Micro 4/3 Adaptor


This product has been discontinued

Product Description

An original design by Mike Tapa
Stainless steel Micro 4/3 mount, this adaptor will allow the use of any Canon FD mounted lens on the Panasonic Lumix GH1, Olympus E-P1, PANASONIC AG-AF100 and the new Black Magic MFT camera.
Original design for intuitive operation
Stainless steel Micro 4/3 mount
Flat black coated internal baffle
Provision to accept the MTF Support bridge
Impossible to damage lens during fitting and operation


Lens Type: Full Frame

Mag. Factor: 2X


Spec Build Quality: HE30 aluminium body, stainless steel Micro 4/3 mount

Weight: 100 g

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