Panasonic AK-HVF70GJ 17.8cm Colour Viewfinder for HC3800


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Product Description

The AK-HVF70E is a 17,8cm LCD color viewfinder with light weight, low power consumption and a high resolution plus versatile assist functions like focus-in-red and pixel-to-pixel. By direct connect functionality no separate cable is necessary to connect the VF to the studio camera.

LCD Viewfinder with Light Weight and
Low Power Consumption

The compact, lightweight viewfinder weighs only about 1.6 kg
(3.5 lb) (excluding hood, hood weights approx. 200 g (0.44 lb)).
Thanks to the LCD panel, the power consumption is only 10W.

High-Resolution WSVGA Monitor

This high-resolution, 17.8 cm (7 inches) color LCD panel displays 1024 x 600-pixel (WSVGA) images. Its wide viewing angle extends to 130 degrees vertically and 160 degrees horizontally (contrast > 10:1). Displays approximately 16,200,000 colors.

Focus Assist Functions

The Focus-in-Red function emphasizes the image parts that
are in focus by marking their edges in red, and the Pixel-to-Pixel
function displays an enlarged image without resizing.


Mounted on the AK-HC3800, the viewfinder can be tilted upward
as far as 90 degrees, downward 60 degrees, and panned
horizontally 90 degrees.

Other Specifications

• Three function switches can be allocated to various functions.
• Contrast, bright, peaking adjustment dials
• Tally lamps (front/rear)

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