Revolvr Torch Holder B2000.1009

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Torch Holster Attachment

Mount a torch to your handwheel for clear focus marks even during night exteriors or dark scenes. Designed for the Streamlight Stylus Reach & Stylus Pro Reach.

Product Description

The Revolvr Torch Holster is an optional accessory that acts as a lightweight bracket which can be easily mounted on the Revolvr handwheel to act as a holster to mount a torch whenever necessary, allowing you to see your markings in the dark.

It is carefully crafted and assembled in Germany and built from anodized aluminium, stainless steel and rubber to ensure maximum durability and resistance from wear and tear.

• Lightweight Bracket Which Can Be Mounted On Your Revolvr Handwheel To Mount A Torch, Whenever Necessary
• Built From Anodized Aluminium, Stainless Steel And Rubber For Maximum Durability
• Dimensions (Mm) 27 X 40 X 40
• Weight (Grams) - 9

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