tvONE One Task PC/HDTV Video Test Pattern Generator

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tvONE One Task PC/HDTV Video Test Pattern Generator

TV One-Task - Series Analogue and test pattern Generators are ultra compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The output resolution and refresh rate can be selected from a wide variety of presets in either RGBHV or YPbPr format. Model 1T-TGPCHD provides an Analogue output, while model 1T-TG-DVI provides a DVI output. The fifteen Test Patterns provided were selected as the most useful for video reference and troubleshooting applications. Both models are 5VDC powered.

  • Ultra Compact, High Performance Unit
  • Analogue or DVI Version
  • PC and HDTV Outputs
  • RGBHV & YPbPr Outputs
  • PC up to 1280x1024
  • Most HDTV Resolutions
  • Selectable Refresh Rates
  • 15 Test Patterns
  • Rugged Metal Case
  • Locking DC Power Connector for Security
  • Small In-Line Power Adapter

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