Vinten Vector 430i, VRi Box and Pan-bar mounted PDA Package

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The Vinten Vector 430i Pan and Tilt Head with VRI Box offers real-time digital electronic positioning of pan and tilt, and allows for placement of the graphics into a live environment. The pan and tilt head allows semi automatic setup and slide plate tracking, and has a load bearing capacity of 22 to 94.8 lb (10 to 43 kg).

A graphical user interface displays positional information that makes setup and calibration easy. The Vector 430i Pan and Tilt Head can be used with EFP camera setups involving virtual reality, and in applications such as outside broadcast and studio environments.

Positional data from head encoders can be processed by the Virtual Reality Interface Box and is used in virtual reality applications involving Vector 430i, 750i, and 950i pan and tilt heads. It offers direct interfacing to lenses with encoder outputs (or bolt on lens encoders), and enables single data streaming to graphics rendering system. The VRI box comes with a head interface cable, GUI, and mounting brackets.

Enabling data positioning from a pantographic head offers stable placement of virtual graphics on using Vector 750i with Virtual Reality Interface Box. It can be configured from head mount to fixed mount, and the quattro software enables in reconfiguring to give X, Y, Z axis VR movement.


Height 7.9" (20 cm)
Length 7.9" (20 cm)
Width 11.2" (28.5 cm)
Weight 26.7 lb / 12.1 kg (including wedge adaptor and pan bar)
Capacity 22 to 94.8 lb (10 to 43 kg)
Tilt Range ±90° (81.6 lb / 37 kg)
±40° (94.8 lb / 43 kg)
Pan Resolution 1.48 million counts per 360°
Tilt Resolution 1.48 million counts per 360°
Power Requirements 5 volts dc ±10% [supplied by the VRI box]
Platform Adjustment 2.2 to -4.2" ( 5.5 to -10.6 cm)
Pan Bar Single telescopic
Camera Fixing EFP Quickfit Automatic Adaptor [3761-3]
Leveling Bubble Illuminated
Drag Knobs Backlit and calibrated
Counterbalance Fully variable with digital readout
Base Fixing 4 bolt flat with Quickfix groove
Color Black

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