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Xeen Cine lenses

5 reasons why the new XEEN lenses are making an impact

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A long overdue market correction in the price/performance ratio

We’ve all seen our camera specs and capabilities go through the roof, and at the same time prices have hit the floor. The same cannot be said of our glass. Established lens manufacturers have simply not introduced products at a lower price point.

The closest we’ve had so far are the Zeiss Compact Primes, Canon Cinema Primes, Sony Cinealta and Schneider Xenon FF which while far more affordable than a set of Ultra Primes, Master Primes or Cookes, have still left many of us out in the cold making do with photography glass.

Cinema lenses are usually built a bit tougher, they have metal housings of a unified size and front diameter, and some meaningful weight to them that instills confidence. They have manual focus and iris only, a long focus throw and smooth detent free aperture. They “feel” good, and lets face it, many plastic photo lenses do not.

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Strategic positioning

Samyang have strategically placed themselves front and centre already for many of us with their fantastic VDSLR primes. These lenses are just really good considering the price point and have already placed Samyang right where they needed to be to introduce XEEN.

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XEEN really have gone all out and covered all the bases. These are more than just rehoused Samyang VDSLR (Rockinon Cine DS) optics. XEEN have been careful to build proper cine lenses here in every way that matters. Key features include:

  • Full Frame Sensor Coverage
  • High-speed T1.5 aperture
  • High resolving power and high tech coatings
  • Interchangable Lens Mount
  • Unified front diameter
  • Aluminum housing
  • Standardized positions for focus and aperture gear rings

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Perfectly priced

Some may disagree, but I actually believe the Xeen cine lenses are priced perfectly. There is a formidable amount of engineering, precision manufacturing, assembly and testing that goes into a cinema lens. These lenses represent amazing value.

The XEEN primes are in a very affordable space for many pro videographers and cinematographers who will quickly be able to realise a return on the investment.[gap height=”30px”]

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More lenses to come

The current three lens set comprises a 24mm, 50mm and 85mm which is a pretty much ideal set for the vast majority of shoot situations. This set will be filled out with three more, yet to be announced, focal lengths “coming soon”. (However, a little birdie tells me that a 14mm and 35mm will be released in February 2016) Stay tuned to find out more.[gap height=”30px”]

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