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Zhiyun Weebill Lab Master Accessories Kit

£300.00 ex. VAT
£360.00 inc.VAT

TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear

A phone holder for the Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab and Crane 3 Lab gimbals. An add-on accessory for the WEEBILL LAB and CRANE 3 LAB gimbals, the phone holder is perfect to attach a wide range of Smartphones including iPhones and Android devices. Its perfect as a monitor for live view preview and real time parameter setting and a control interface. It also aids viewing of shots taken at various angles, so is an essential accessory for many users.

As it attached to the handle, the phone holder does not add to the payload weight of the camera or video equipment.

Note: Unscrew the dual joint when paired with Weebill lab.

TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Controller

The Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller can be used interchangeably for zoom and focus control on the Crane 3-Lab and WEEBILL LAB gimbals. It has a powerful-enough motor to control zoom, whereas the lighter-weight TransMount Lite is designed for focus control only.

The Crane 3-Lab supports up to two motors at the same time, and it's recommended to use the TransMount Max and TransMount Lite together if requiring both zoom and focus control on the Crane. The WEEBILL, however, supports only one motor, so the TransMount Max is recommended as the only solution because it can be used interchangeably for both functions.

Featuring a toolless design, the TransMount Max attaches on the gimbal using just the included thumbscrews. It can be controlled via the gimbal handwheel or the companion smartphone app. Secure it to the supplied support bracket and mounting rod using two thumbscrews, and attach this assembly to the bottom of the gimbal's baseplate with the third thumbscrew. Then connect the servo to the gimbal with the provided USB cable, and connect the camera to the gimbal with one of the camera control cables the gimbal comes with. The USB cable connection provides zero-latency signal transmission.

TransMount Mini Monopod

The Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Mini Monopod is designed to work with the optional TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt to support handheld gimbals. The Camera Belt features a quick release socket that the Mini Monopod secures into. A quick release anchor point included with the Camera Belt screws into the bottom of the monopod and allows the monopod to pop into and out of the belt's socket, which has two spring-loaded quick release pins.

Together, the monopod and belt take the weight of the gimbal off your hands and allow for comfortable jib-style shots. They also allow for easier control of the focus wheel offered on gimbals such as the Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL LAB and CRANE 3 LAB.

The Mini Monopod also works like any standard monopod. It telescopes out from 11 to 25.5" and includes a removable rubber foot for setting it down on the ground. It has a comfortable sponge grip and includes a wrist strap that makes everything feel more secure in your hands. A supplied 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 screw adapter installs at the top of the monopod to provide you with either type of mounting point so you can mount gimbals, fluid heads, and other gear.

TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt

When the belt is used with a monopod and gimbal such as the WEEBILL LAB, the additional point of balance allows for substantially more stable and comfortable jib-type shots and lets you control the gimbal's focus wheel more easily.

The belt also has military-grade strips along its length for hanging accessories such as lens bags and the TransMount Baseplate. 

TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear

  • With the 360° unlimited angle, you can view the composition whether you are holding it high or sticking to the ground,easy for you to deal with freestyle angle shots.
  • Gear wheel plus 1/4" thread design for double security.
  • Foldable design for convenient storage, Can Be Folded up When Not in Use.
  • Eco-friendly plastic cushion properly protects the mobile phone from being broken;It can even support the iPad mini with large clamping space.
TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Controller (Max)
  • Can be used interchangeably for zoom and focus control
  • Recommended as the zoom solution for the Crane 3-Lab, which supports two motors at the same time, and as the sole solution for the WEEBILL LAB, which supports only one motor
  • Toolless design—assembles with the included support bracket and mounting rod and attaches to the bottom of the gimbal's baseplate using supplied thumbscrews
  • Connects to the gimbal via a USB cable and controls focus with zero latency
TransMount Mini Monopod (0.65m extension rod)
  • Designed to work with the optional TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt to support handheld gimbals
  • 11-25.5" length
  • Sponge grip
  • Wrist strap
  • 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 screw mounting adapter
  • Removable rubber foot
TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt
  • Designed to support the Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Mini and Telescopic monopods via a receptacle with a quick release mounting platform (dual registration pins)
  • Provides an additional point of stability for jib-type shots and much more
  • Allows the user to more easily control the focus wheel of gimbals such as the Crane 3-Lab or WEEBILL LAB
  • Military grade strips for hanging lens bags and other accessories

· TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear*1

· TransMount Servo Zoom/FocusController (Max)*1

· TransMount Mini Monopod (0.65m extension rod)*1

· TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt*1

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