ARRI Hi-5 RF-2400 Radio Module 2400 MHz FHHSS

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ARRI Hi-5 RF-2400 Radio Module 2400 MHz FHHSS K2.0036598. Exchangeable radio module for Hi-5 hand unit and Radio Interface Adapter RIA-1. Point-to-point communication for connecting one Hi-5 hand unit with one Radio Interface Adapter RIA-1.

Comes With

  • 1x RF-2400 Radio Module 2400MHz FHHSS

Swappable Radio Modules 

With an often congested 2.4 GHz ISM band and different frequency regulations in different countries, the ability to exchange radio modules is a huge advantage, allowing focus pullers to choose the module that best suits each shooting location. ARRI’s three radio modules for the Hi-5 cover a multitude of shooting situations with a significantly improved, robust, and long-range radio link.

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